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We continually apply our accumulated knowledge and skills into a broad range of businesses using versatility and flexibility to accomplish our goals.
8 Apr.1974 HOSEI Corporation, ne HOSEI Industry Co. Ltd., was established in Hizukushi-machi, Sasebo-city, with a capital of _ 3 million, by 20 special technicians: resignees in consequence of a large-scaled personnel reduction in the U.S. Fleet Activities, Sasebo Ship Repair Department.

Oct.1976 The Yokosuka Office was established in Hinode-cho, Yokosuka-city, Kanagawa-prefecture, accepting orders for ship repairs from the U.S. Fleet Activities, Yokosuka. The company also began repair work on Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces ships in the Sasebo district.

Sept.1979 Sasebo-Tategami Cooperative was set up, aiming at building a factory for joint orders and joint venture projects for ship repairs.

Nov.1980 The company accepted an order from U.S. Navy Commander, Seventh Fleet for the repair and overhaul of a large Military Sealift Command (MSC) Vessel. By overhauling the entire ship, Hosei Co., Ltd. was able to establish itself as a creditable ship repair Co.

Dec.1982 Capital increment. New capital of _ 10 million.

Oct.1983 In the disposal of national land, Sasebo-Tategami Cooperative was allowed to start building the factory as a Nagasaki Project in 1983.

Apr.1984 After the completion of the factory, the company moved to and settled in Tategami-cho, Sasebo-city.

Mar.1985 Construction Licenses for ''Tile, Brick and Block'' and ''Heat Insulation'' were issued by the Governor, No. 6100.

Nov.1985 Construction License for ''Plumbing'' was issued by the Governor, No. 6100. (Registration of the designation at Sasebo-city, Nagasaki-prefecture.)

June. 1987 Construction License for ''Electrical work'' was issued by the Governor, No. 6100. (Registration of the designation at Sasebo-city, Nagasaki-prefecture.)

Mar. 1990 Capital increment. New capital of _ 20 million.

Mar. 1992 The Yokosuka Office was closed in consequence of a decrease in ship repairs in the Yokosuka district.

Apr. 1992 The name of the company was changed from ''HOSEI Industry Co. Ltd.'' to ''HOSEI Co., Ltd.''

June.1994 The 2nd Factory was obtained. (Later, High Pressured Gas Production Office.)

Apr.1999 Construction Licenses for ''Steel Structure,'' ''Painting'' and ''Water Facilities'' were issued by the Governor, No. 6100.

June.2001 Capital increment. New capital of _ 28 million.

June.2002 An agency contract with U.S. FDGM, Inc. was concluded and the Japanese corporation ''FDGM Japan Co., Ltd.'' was set up in the company building.

Aug.2002 ISO 9001 certification for repairs to NAVAL Vessels was granted. Hosei Co., Ltd. became the first ship repair company in Japan to achieve this certification.

Jan.2004 The 2nd Factory was rebuilt and registered as ''High Pressured Production Office,'' undertaking the maintenance of high pressured air systems in Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces ships.

Apr.2004 The company attained its 30th anniversary.

June.2006 The company acquired its first class architect cerfificate.(No.118065)

July.2007 The 3rd Factory was obtained.